The Origin of Name “Seogwipo”

Basically, Jeju island consists of two cities such as Jeju-si (North) & Seogwipo-si (South). We would like to let you know how “Seogwipo” name came out.

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The legend of Seobul comes from a stone inscription on the wall of Jeongbang falls. Seobul was Qin Shi Huang’s ( the first emperor who unified Chinese continent (BC 221 – BC206)) envoy from China who came to Jeju to find elixir plants for his emperor. He sailed towards Yeongju mountain (now Halla mountain) with hundres of young children on a fleet of ships. Seobul dropped the anchor by the coast of Jeongbang waterfall and climbed Youngju mountain. He found the elixir plants and sailed towards west instead of returning to China as he was leaving Seobul left an inscription saying “Seobul has been here” on the wall by Jeongbang falls. Some say that the name “Seogwipo” may also be derived from this.


Qin Shi Huang

The Origin of name Seogwipo

Qi’s Xu Fu (Envoy) asked Emperor Oin’s permission to cross the sea with boys and girls to find the mountain god who lives in one of the Samsinsan, which are Bongrae, Bongjang, Yeongju. Therefore, Emperor Qin commanded Minister Xu Fu to look for the mountain god with thousands of boys and girls

The Origin of name Seogwipo

Emperor Qin selected three thousand boys and girls and commanded them to cross the sea along with Xu Fu to find the elixir of life.

The Origin of name Seogwipo

Xu Fu left Hwanghyeon Seohyang, Je-gun (Xu Fu Town, Longkou City) leading fleets of transportation ships with three thousand boys and girls, one hundred craftmen, and grain

The Origin of name Seogwipo

Xu Fu’s fleets of transportation ships arrived along several states of the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese Islands after suffering a great deal

The Origin of name Seogwipo

Mt. Halla was called Mt. Yeongjusan with an altitude of 1,950m, which was the one of the ‘Samsinsan’ located in the center of Jeju island, Korea. It has been said that Xu Fu landed at Jocheonpo port with the boys and girls and climbed up Yongjusan to look for the elixir of life.

The Origin of name Seogwipo

While Xu Fu stayed in Jeju island, he engraved the Chinese characters for ‘Seobulgwaji’ on the cliff of Jeongbang Falls.


Xu Fu was engraving the Chinese characters

If you would like to learn more, please visit “Seobok Exhibition”. It’s right next to Jeongbang falls.


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