Legend of Jeju Island – Myth of Founding Kingdom

Basically, long time ago, there was no one in the island. According to old records, there was an incredibly beautiful mountain which was called Mt. Halla. Cloud and sea were there, the spirit of Mt. Halla created three (3) demi-gods such as Go, Yang and Bu in Moheung (name of place) 4,300 years ago.

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Samseonghyeol(where three demi-gods emerged)

The three (3) demi-gods emerged from the three holes. They wore leather clothes and lived by hunting and gathering for a while. One day, they went up to Mt. Halla, watched far east side of the island and found a wooden made purple color ship came along with waves. They came down to the ground and followed the ship. And the ship settled in Onpyeong-ri in Seongsan area.

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Yeonhon-po (where Byeokrang kingdom’s envjoy settled)

There was an envoy who wore purple color clothes. As he opened up a jade chest, three (3) princesses came out from there. Also he brought cattle and five different seeds. The three demi-gods got happy and celebrated themselves and said “this must be present given by the sky”. The envoy bowed twice, laid face down and said “I’m an envoy of the kingdom of Byeokrang. Our king was concerned as he has three beautiful princesses but, couldn’t find suitable men to get married to. So, one day he went up to a palace and saw the west side of the sea. He found a powerful and continuous purple energy in the sky and holy light on Mt. Halla. Also, he got to know these three demi-gods would found a kingdom but, no women there. So, he ordered me to bring the three princesses here and help you out with establishing the kingdom.” When he finished his saying, he got disappeared to the east side of the sky by riding a cloud. Afterwards, the three demi-gods took a bath in a pond, set up rooms in a cave and started to establish agriculture in Jeju and eventually founded the Tamna Kingdom.


Honinji (where the demi-gods took a bath)

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Rooms (where the demi-gods set up for three princesses from Byeokrang Kingdom)

Later, they went up to middle of Mt. Halla and shot arrows into the air in order to decide where to settle. The arrows landed on a stone, which was later named Samsaseok (literally means three shot stone). Impressed by the three demi-gods’ abilities of shooting arrows, Jeju governor, Kim Jeong, built a monument of 113cm in height, 43cm in width and 18cm thick in 1735.

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Samsaseok (where demi-gods’ arrows landed)


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