Reasonable price and great service !

Siti Atikah
2016-09-11 21:45
-Why I chose Funtasy Trip
I was looking for private tours in Jeju and had been contacting few services. Initially, I plan to drive in Jeju, after reading at the tourism website saying that driving is much better than going by public transport, time-wise. But, my sister and I were concerning if we would find it difficult to drive if by chance the road signs doesn’t have any Romanization. So then, we decided to choose a tour guide service. However, my sister and I prefer a quality tour compared to cheap tour (like Y*** tour in which I read the review saying the communication of English was poor), if we need to spend slightly extra but still reasonable, we will opt for it.

Hence, considering the short time I have before going to South Korea, I went to Google searching about “private tour in jeju”. I clicked on the first few advertisements. I was comparing your service with a V***** tour guide that I have been contacting through email. Time taken for him to reply the e-mail was not certain, sometime it could be one day and at a time I have to wait till 3 days. Plus, the range of price wasn't reasonable.

Then, after I emailed you, I was so grateful that not only the reply was super fast, in which it really gives me a big relief to settle my holiday plan in Jeju, but also because you were arranging it very efficient and fast. We also love the way you advertise your service (in the web page of course) as being private, i.e. having private transport, good communication of English and flexible itinerary. On top of all, the price of whole tour, including transport, guides and food was very reasonable. Much cheaper from the V***** guide I am talking about.

Thumbs up! for these:

- Reasonable price and great service!
Indeed a reasonable price for a trip that includes guide, transport and lunch and of course great hospitality. I couldn’t be grateful enough for this. The lunch is indeed great! Missed Korean food so much now. :’( My sister really love the Line drinks, which you introduced to us that day, that she bought so many and bring it home. 😛 Thank you for the treat.

Also, I am thankful for all of your services in fulfilling our needs, for example of buying the T-money card, though it may seem little by you, I do appreciate it very much, cause I might find it very difficult to get one. Also, Thank you for returning the GoPro. Really really really thank you for that, .

- Flexible itinerary
We get to spend time at a place as much as we wanted, as our expectations when choosing your service. Another thing, I didn’t put that high hope to visit the drama scene which was shoot in Boys over flower; a beautiful wedding hall, I know it’s difficult to find the place, just by mentioning the name of drama (plus the fact that you didn’t watch K-drama), however you took it seriously and tried your best to fulfill it.

Another thing, my sister specifically think that you should discuss with what your customer want to go, even though it might not seem worth to visit in your opinion, for example, when she was thinking to go to the Chocolate Museum, she said what you think is interesting for tourist might be different with what tourist think.

Overall, Thank you so much Kee. (don’t know how many times do I have to mention, but I know it would never be enough to say thank you for everything). We are so grateful and thankful for your services; you have made our trip to Jeju really meaningful. And I really wish to visit Jeju Island again in the future.
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  • 2016-11-03 01:00
    Thank you so much, Atikah !

    I'm really happy with that you had the wonderful time with us. Thanks for the opportunity to serve you.

    Hope to see you again somewhere in the world!

    Thanks again for your valuable & precious review about us.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Keetaek Han

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