Legend of Jeju Island – The Creator of Jeju Island

According to local legend, Seolmundae Halmang (halmang means “grandmother” in Jeju dialect) was the third daughter of the Great Jade Emperor. She was unimaginably gigantic. She was bored with her life in the Heaven Palace, she peeped out at the outside world and saw that Heaven and Earth were stuck together. Not finding this to her liking, she impulsively split Heaven and Earth, without considering the potential consequences. Furious at her impudence, the Great Jade Emperor kicked her out of the Heaven Palace.

수정됨_SAM_3235Seolmundae Halmang

Seolmundae Halmang soon found that she enjoyed living on Earth. She scooped up some soil and threw it back down, creating Jeju Island. She was thinking the island was too flat, she made Halla Mountain by tossing seven more handfuls of soil on top. And the dirt that fell from her skirt formed the more than 360 oreums (“small volcanoes” in Jeju dialect) found scattered across the island. When she mistakenly kicked the bottom of Beom Island, she made a hole there; and when she urinated on the newly formed island of Jeju, a small park broke away, forming Woo island.

Darangshi OreumOreum ( Small Volcano )

Seolmundae Halmang gave birth to 500 sons. One day, while her sons were out hunting, she accidentally fell into a gigantic pot of porridge she was cooking. When her sons returned home, they gobbled up the porridge without realizing their mother had become part of it. Only the youngest son abstained from eating the porridge, sensing that something was wrong. when the sons found their mother’s bones at the bottom of the pot and realized what they had done, they wailed with such grief that they hardened into rocks, creating a geological formation now knows as Yeongsil Giam (“the strangely shaped rocks”) or the 500 Generals.

Yeongsil Giam Yeongsil GiamYeongsil Giam

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