Why We Started

Funtasy Trip started with a person who loves traveling all around the world. While he was traveling in Jeju island, he found foreigners sitting on a street and looking at a map. They were lost and looking for where they are and a way how to go to their next stop. He helped them out and it suddenly recalled the memories of the days when he traveled around the world as he got lots of help from local people wherever he went.

Even though Jeju island is getting more popular as a travel destination now days, there is still not enough information and it is difficult to find out what they can do & see. Also, sometimes too many attractions make you confused where to go.

As we fully understand how frustrating traveling is without right compass, we decided to provide the most efficient & convenient way for those who would like to visit Jeju island, South Korea.

Also, one of our goals is to share the beauty of this island with people as many as possible so that Jeju island could be more famous than Hawaii, the U.S. some day.

Have a Funtasy Trip with us in Jeju Island !